7. Merchants and Trade -

A. Merchants
Act No 28/1998 respecting Professional Commerce.
Act No 50/2000 on Sale of Goods in English Translation
Act No 50/2000 on Sale of Goods in Danish Translation
Act No 103/1992 respecting Commission Sales Transactions

B. Trade

Act No. 14/1995 on Amendment of Act No 7/1936, on Making Contacts, Agency and Void Undertakings, with later Amendments (unfair terms).
Law on Product Liability, No 25/1991
Act on Product Safety and Official Market Control, No 134/1995.
Regulation on Safety of Toys and Dangerous Imitations, No 408/1994.
Act on the Implementation of Invitation to Tender, No 65/1993
Act on Consumer Credit, No 121/1994.
Act respecting the Security of Transfer Orders in Payment Systems, No 90/1999
Act on electronic signatures, No 28/2001.
Act No 46/2000 on Door-to-Door Sales and Distance Contracts

C. Money Laundering

Act on Measures against Money Laundering No 80/1993
Regulation on the role of financial institutions in measures against Money Laundering, no 272/1994

D. Electronic Commerce

Act on electronic signatures, No 28/2001
Act on Electronic Commerce and other Electronic Services, No 30/2002.