This is an official translation. The original Icelandic text published in the Law Gazette is the authoritative text.

1. Industry

The Industrial Act No 42/1978

  • Information for Tradesmen and Others
  • Recognition of the Right of Foreigners to Work as Tradesmen in Industry in Iceland
  • Regulations No 940/1999 respecting Authorized Branches of Industry
  • Regulation No. 495/2001 respecting Recognition of Work and Vocational Training in Industry in Another EEA State

Act respecting the Authorization of Several Professional Titles of Specialists in Technical and Design Faculties. No 8/1996

  • Announcement concerning Assessment of Applications for Permission to call Oneself a Chartered Engineer.

Act No. 109/2000 respecting Professional Rights of Dental Technicians

  • Regulation No 904/2000 respecting Professional Rights of Dental Technicians
  • Rules No. 937/2000 respecting Limitation of Professional Rights of Dental Technicians
  • Patents, Trade Marks, Design etc

Act No 17/1991 respecting Patents

  • Regulation No. 1011/2006 on Compulsory Licenses Relating to the Export of Pharmaceutical Products to Developing Countries and to Countries Struggling with Severe Public Health Problems.

Act No 72/2004 respecting Employees´ Inventions.

Act No 155/2002 Respecting Collective Marks.