11/27/00 : Speech at the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between the EFTA States and Mexico.


9/26/00 : Speech at the Icelandic Business Seminar in St. John´ s and Halifax.


9/25/00 : Speech at a Ministerial Meeting in conjunction with North Atlantic Forum.


9/25/00 : Speech at the formal opening of a shrimp factory on Fogo Island, Newfoundland.


9/14/00 : Speech at the Opening of Kaupthing, Stockholm, Sweden.


9/13/00 : Iceland´s Renewable Power Sources -


9/12/00 : Speech at a Hyforum 2000 Conference in Munich, Germany.


7/17/00 : Speech at the opening of the International Symposium on Extraordinary Floods.


5/20/00 : Statement by Mrs Valgerdur Sverrisdottir, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Governor for Iceland. EBRD Annual Meeting, Riga 22-22 May 2000.


5/20/00 : Speech at the EBRD Annual Meeting, Riga, Latvia, 20.-22.05.2000.


3/1/00 : Presentation at the National Hydrogen Association´s 11th Annual U.S. Hydrogen Meeting and Exposition, March 1, 2000.