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Ministry of Industry Energy and Tourism

Opening hours are Monday - Friday from 08:30 - 16:00 (GMT)

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Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism
Arnarhvoli, , Iceland

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The main activities, and parties with which The Ministry has special relations, are as follows:

The Ministry of Industry: industrial matters, industrial development and innovation, the Technological Institute of Iceland and the Building Research Institute of Iceland; harnessing, transport and distribution of energy, energy sources, energy research and utilization of energy, district heating plants and electric plants, the National Energy Authority and the Energy Fund, energy firms with governmental participation including the National Power Company, the Power Company of the Western Fjords, the State Electric Power Works and the District Heating Plant of Suðurnes; mines and mining; industrial rights, legalization of professional titles in the field of technology and design, the Patent Office, patents, trademarks and protection of designs; industrial enterprises with governmental participation; standards and the Standards Council of Iceland; regional development, the Institute of Regional Development.